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Mike Damiano
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15/03/2020 3:11 pm  

Say 'hi' to the group. If you can offer your skills and time, please share!

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Joss Wickson
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15/03/2020 5:35 pm  

Hi, I'm Joss. I'm building and looking after the website - any bugs, problems or suggestions, go to the this post and leave coments: website-still-in-production-any-issues-report-here post

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15/03/2020 5:55 pm  

Hi - I am Becky - I have worked in the Ed Tech industry for around 6 years. If I can help in anyway during school closures, please let me know.  

I can help teachers / admins with complimentary cloud based classroom management until the end of the school year to help out with any schools who are moving to remote learning. The solution includes visual & audio. 

I can also offer complimentary cloud based computer science curriculum for schools. This is a game-based resource teaching students how to type real code in JavaScript and Python through 11 concept and project based courses. This is a self paced & includes a teacher/admin dashboard to monitor progress whilst remote. 

Both products integrate with clever, google classroom or a class code for each remote deployment.