Covid-19 & Education Continuity: how will you help?

It’s (probably) only a matter of time before there is a significant disruption to schools in the UK. Yesterday I met with my son’s primary school headmaster to offer my assistance, in whatever way I can, and to ask what advice and resources the local authority is providing (the answers were ‘none’ and ‘none’).

The global EdTech community is well placed to provide support and guidance during this crisis. We must do everything we can to help education continue; to support schools, teachers, and parents as well as students. We are already seeing wonderful offers of assistance from companies and individuals and we’ll need more. To that end…

Over the next few days, I will be pulling together everything I can find into an online resource for school leaders, teachers and parents [that’s this site!]. The goal will be to help them quickly and easily access guidance, best practice, support, tools etc. to help them with learning continuity if and when schools have to shut or they are self-isolating. This is a private, non-commercial, not for profit endeavour and I won’t be able to do it alone, we’re going to have to rally together! How can you help? I’m thinking we’ll need things like:

  • Information on latest offers of support from EdTech firms
  • Guidance on age & stage appropriate online learning resources
  • Resources for families that may not have access to devices/internet
  • Offers from university & school leaders to ‘open up’ their online learning resources (and share continuity plans) to schools in need
  • Volunteers to run learning webinars, provide online crisis support and to update and maintain the web pages, etc..

What else is needed? If you’re a school leader, what are the most pressing things we should start with? 

How can YOU help?

Please share what you already have, keep this site informed of new stuff you find and reach out to others who you think are in a position to help.

Thanks in advance. Let’s keep learning alive.

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